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Custom Made Shoes, Orthotics and Repair in NY

Are your feet killing you? T.O.Dey designs hand-crafted orthopedic shoes that give you not only style but comfort too. Custom made orthotics, exact duplication of your favorite shoes or boots, custom made shoes for men and women, custom repairs on all types of shoes. We've crafted all types of shoes; for Broadway, movies and commercials!
Has walking become a torture because of your painful corns, bunions or hammertoes? T.O.Dey combines high fashion and natural comfort with our custom made shoes. Cosmetically designed shoes made from measurements of your own two feet. They lift you off sensitive sore spots that ordinary shoes aggravate. Unlike shoes, your feet don't come in standard sizes. In fact, they change over the course of the day. Standard shoes are formed to fit the average foot, which does not exist! Therefore, you've never had the benefit of having a pair of shoes that really fit your feet.
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Custom & Orthopedic Shoes

Treat your feet to the perfect blend of style and comfort with custom and orthopedic shoes from T.O. Dey Custom Made Shoes in New York, New York. At T.O.Dey our shoe craftsman have over 90 years of experience making hand-crafted shoes for people all over the world. We offer fashionable shoes and boots in a wide variety of styles and will reproduce any type of footwear presented to us, yet wonderful comfortable shoes you never suspect could end your suffering. We have domestic and imported Leathers, Snake Skins, Crocodile, Lizard, and Alligator Skins etc. Our clients Include Celebrities, Politicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Actors, Actresses and thousands of people who are looking not only for fashion and style but comfort too. Our shoes are as individual as your own two feet. No two pair are alike because they are made for your feet. The measurements of your feet are our guide in creating the perfect shoe, giving you comfort, overall balance. Our exclusive Dey Mold process gives you a degree of comfort in everyday living that you may not have considered possible. Your feet will no longer be a problematic part of your life and since T.O.Dey shoes are custom made, they may contain optional details unavailable when you buy regular shoes.