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Handcrafted Custom & Orthopedic Shoes in NY

Unlike shoes, your feet do not come in standard sizes. In fact, they change over the course of the day. Give them a proper home with custom and orthopedic shoes from T.O. DEY Custom Made Shoes in New York, New York. We handcraft cosmetically designed shoes made from measurements of your feet. Our exclusive DEY Mold process gives you a degree of comfort in everyday living. Your feet will no longer be a problematic part of your life.
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Custom Foot Orthotics

Foot orthoses comprise a custom made insert or footbed fitted into a shoe. Commonly referred to as "orthotics" these orthoses provide support for the foot by redistributing ground reaction forces as well as realigning foot joints while standing, walking or running. A custom orthotic, not only raises your arch, but it prevents excessive pressure on the ball of your foot. Your feet are the foundation of your body. The 26 bones of your foot assume an abnormal position when you are walking, running or standing. Foot imbalances add extra stress to all the bones of the body. This may cause knee, hip, back and foot problems. T.O.Dey can custom make an orthotic to help give you relief.