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Repairs & Modifications for T.O.Dey in NY

Create your perfect pair of shoes with services from our expert shoe craftsmen. Our professionals provide a variety of custom repairs and modifications, including:
• Closed Toe to Open Toe Conversions
• Open Toe to Closed Toe Conversions
• Ankle Strap Additions
• Instep Strap Additions to Pumps
• Elastic Additions to Boots
• Leather Heel Recovering
• Heel Lowering
• Custom Dyeing
• Boot Shaft (Leg) Narrowing
• Boot Shaft (Leg) Widening
• Handbag Repairs
• Insole Replacements
• Chanel Tip Changes
• Men's Full Sole & Heel Replacements
• Pointy Toe to Round Toe Conversions
• Round Toe to Pointy Toe Conversions
• Heel Counter Replacements
• Leather Reconditioning/Cleaning
• Recovering in Gown-Matching Materia
• Vibram® Sole & Heel Additions
• Widening & Lengthening (One Full Size)
• Reptile Leather Shoe & Handbag Reglazing
• Vamp Changing
• Leather to Rubber Sole Conversions
• Rubber to Leather Sole Conversions
Shoe repair
We also sell the T.O.Dey Location leather lotion and spray shield. T.O.Dey has a unique wax free leather lotion that cleans, polishes and protects leather, leaving a soft and satiny finish. The finish retards water spotting and cracking, it enhances the life of all your leather goods. T.O.Dey also has a spray shield that is excellent for your leather. Suede and nubuck shoes. It helps prevent water stains and salt damage. It can be used on all colors of leather or suede. Price $4.00